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To succeed in business it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that counts!

Our Story

Exceptional relationships make the difference

Miami Execs is a community of business professionals with expertise in a variety of industries. For more than 83 years, the Miami Execs has been dedicated to the purpose of increasing business resources and growth opportunities for its members. The group’s collective wisdom helps business owners increase their skills and take their company to the next level. Many Miami Execs members have been part of the group for more than 20 years and include some of Miami’s most reputable and established businesses.


Exclusivity is the cornerstone to the Miami Execs model. Each member firm holds exclusive rights to their own unique classification and is represented by an owner/senior decision maker. This winning combination is the key to leads-generating success. Learn if you qualify to be a member.

Miami Execs builds on that model by providing members with the weekly opportunity to develop strong relationships amongst its membership to further maximize business prospects. This solid network also enables members to develop a dependable source of supply for products and services across nearly every industry.

The Miami Execs has built a strong historical base over more than 83 years and is keeping an eye firmly focused on the future, offering opportunities for promising new business executives to forge the next generation of leaders in the Miami Dade community.

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