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Miami Execs is the best business group in Miami.


Expect extraordinary

Other leads-generating groups have tried to copy the Miami Execs business model; however, it has never been successfully duplicated. Miami Execs is the original social networking model. It has been successful for more than 70 years through the combination of strong personal relationships and shared business development, allowing its members to thrive.

Through weekly meetings and open houses, members become part of a close-knit organization focused on promoting each others’ commercial interests, sharing business opportunities and referrals and providing access to trade resources. Competition between members is nearly non-existent, because each classification is protected.

Each week, a member has the opportunity to present his/her company to the entire group during the breakfast meeting and then showcase their business during the open house. This practice enables members to develop a more profound knowledge of each other’s companies to further stimulate the leads process. 

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